SMS Messages sends courtesy messages to help you with your business. You may receive a message because your phone number is/was publicly available to contact you about professional services that you provide. If you are not a licensed contractor, it is most probably that at some point your phone number belonged to such a person or business.

We do not send SPAM messages. You will only receive up to 1 message a day when a site visitor requests your contact information. In addition, the courtesy messages are send up to 3 times (not on the same day,) as reminders for you to sign up and become a member. When you become a member you can create a business profile for your business on and also configure your contact preference.

Become a Member

If you wish not receive messages

Simply reply to the message you received with word STOP. Upon receiving a message from you, an acknowledgment message will be sent to you. Your number will be excluded from future messages.